650 Golf cars and utility cars available for special events

  • 4 Trailers to haul 20 cars each with tops.
  • 4 Trailers to haul 10 cars each with tops.

Golf tournaments and special events in the Midwest can be handled, events that we are currently handling include:

  • State Fair
  • Street Machine Shows
  • 4 Wheel Drive Jamborees
  • 100′s of Golf Tournaments
  • Many Parades and County Fairs
  • City Festivals
  • Indy Car Racing
  • Grand American
  • etc.

In addition we handled all the PGA and Senior Tour Events held in St. Louis for the last 10 years.

Choose from these online lease agreements

- Grand American Lease Agreement 2014 -

- SCTP Lease Agreement 2014 -

- AIM Shoot Lease Agreement 2014 -

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